The process of asking for help

Sexual assault is an act of domination, humiliation, abuse of power, violence mainly committed against women and children, which is a form of social control trying to keep women in fear and subordination.

We recognize that it takes a lot of courage for survivors to ask for help. Many women we meet have never spoken about the sexual assault they experienced. If you believe, or know that you have experienced sexual assault, no matter what form it took or when you experienced it, CALAS can help you regain your power and reduce the impact of the assault.

When you call CALAS, we will propose an initial meeting within a few weeks to welcome you, support you, take care of your emotions, identify your needs and explain the different services we offer. This meeting also serves to ensure that CALAS is the best resource to help you at this time. After this meeting, if you decide to continue with CALAS, you will be able to choose between group or individual follow-up and your name will be put on the waiting list. You will also be given information about the reception area, as well as other resources available to you.

To request help

I would like to get help in relation to a sexual assault

If you have experienced a sexual assault in the last 5 days, contact info-social at 811 option 2.

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