Spreading the word and sharing information

Social media can be a source of oppression for women (such as cyber-aggression or online harassment), but it can also be a source of empowerment. 

There are three central goals of a sexual assault awareness program: to provide relevant information; to equip the environment to receive disclosures; and to bring about social change.

Workshops are offered in a variety of settings, such as educational settings, community organizations or institutions.

Movements such as #MeToo reminds us of the importance of integrating social media into strategies for mobilization and awareness. In the last few years, media coverage of sexual assault has continued to increase with the issues more present on social media as well as the numerous public denunciations.


This section is reserved for testimonials from survivors of sexual assault. These texts portray the strength and courage of survivors, the help and support they received at CALAS, and the impact of sexual assault in their lives.


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